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This page serves as my Contact Me page, my Chatbox, my Meebo, my Leave a Comment Page and God knows what else all rolled into one. I have some gripe with the way WordPress.com is organized – there are severe restrictions that other blogging services don’t impose (Blogger users, count yourselves lucky).

People complain a lot about the lack of Cbox in my site and they usually end up leaving their general comments or questions in the comment section of the latest blog post (which isn’t so bad by the way – it gives the impression that the particular post is hot haha).

But I’m really resourceful anyway and I’m sure this is a start for better interaction. Questions, comments, insults, flattery, praise, advice, complaints? Heap them all here!

Leave me a message when I'm drunk - I tend to interact better that way.

Leave me a message when I'm drunk - I tend to interact better that way.


33 Responses to “Leave A Message”

  1. Hi! Just added you to my blog lists.

  2. Thanks! 🙂

  3. added u to my links… ^_^ thanks fer adding me… 😀

  4. at first i thought you were my best friend’s boyfriend Kevin. i’m glad you’re not. haha. thanks for dropping by. my blog kinda sucks (and i’m not saying this to get a contradicting response to make me feel happy). i haven’t updated in a loooooooong time. but yeah i linked you. nice blog.

  5. just you wait, i’m gonna clear the cobwebs in my blog when i graduate. haha. thanks for linking me up. and to comment on your latest post, our grad day is on april fool’s too. how appropriate.

  6. hi kev! i just checked my chatbox. sure, we can exchange links. i’ll link you up in mine now. you have an interesting blog. see you around! *waving

  7. yow kev… this is april.. i go by
    jeremae on my other blog…lol.. care to ex links with my other
    blog? added ur link already.. and followed u in twitter.. ^_^

  8. yup… taga iit kow… csm kow… na add nasad tika sko blog list… oi, its KEIR not KIER… thanks…

  9. Hi Kevin, thanks for adding me up.. i’ve added u as well… 🙂

  10. hi kev…dota ta! aw… g.link lagi nimu ang blog sa ako uyab (highlightmyday.blogspot.com)? I.link pd ko ui…hehe…nvktus.blogspot.com…msta work?

  11. to Ylan: thanks so much!

  12. to Francis: haha sige sige! aha ka karon? la nako kadula dota in 2 months na haha

  13. yeah…i will. sorry.

  14. Is it principled clone ? Already saw the for all that info on this plot


  15. hello 🙂

  16. added you as foolish blog. add me too thanks

  17. Interesting blog! I have to add you up to my list. 😉


  18. Dude! What can I say!? Napakahusay at interesante ng iyong bonggang-bonggang blog! I’ll put you in my blogroll, dont worry NO SERVICE CHARGE! TAX FREE! Keep the thoughts burning and STAY ALIVE! Im out! 🙂

  19. Wow thanks Dude! Added you to my blogroll too! 🙂

  20. Salamats Kevin!! Headbang na! haha!!

  21. hey Kevin, please check my blogroll!

  22. Kevin, you’re a couple months late. I’ve put my blogging on hold. But I think the internet won’t miss me that much as my posts are pointless. Anyway, I changed my url: http://thisfleetingbliss.blogspot.com/ but no, I haven’t made a new post yet so don’t waste your breath going there. I’ll link you up. You can’t say no, it’s my blog anyway.

    PS. I still enjoy reading your posts. But why the hell are you on wordpress?! Geez.

  23. Hey I understand. I lost my blogging drive for about a month. I couldnt even bear to post anything. But what’s wrong with WordPress? Surely it cant be that bad? 🙂

  24. No it’s not bad at all. It’s complicated compared to blogger. Blogger is for the simpleminded. With simpleminded being a euphemism for css illiterates. 😦 lolz

  25. Hi! san ka na? haha!! wala atang bago. Anyway mangangampanya lang dito. sana makaboto ka boto mo blog ko, just visit http://www.salaswildthoughts.blogspot.com hehe!!

  26. daily blog roll visit, hope u dont forget to vote here http://www.salaswildthoughts.blogspot.com thanks!

  27. Wow what you said is totally unreal. Its the complete opposite haha. WordPress.com is for the simpleminded css illiterate guy. WordPress.com does not support css editing at all. You cant touch the css code. Blogger supports css editing and blogger users are more tech savvy than WordPress.com users ever will be hehe

  28. Whoa really? Oh right, you can’t edit css codes and fully customize your site. I just realized that! O_o I had a wordpress once but I gave up after a few hours. There’s too many options all I could think of was “Run!” I found blogger a tad friendlier.

  29. big thanks to you cuz youre in my blogroll im sure i did pass by here, to campaign for my blog! we won!!!

  30. hmm.. love it ))

  31. now I’ll stay in touch..

  32. haahaha!tanduay nice ah! just passing by kevin.. take care!

  33. well.. it’s like I thought!

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