About Kevin

Kevin is not your typical blogger. He doesn’t normally fit any existing stereotype, but if there’s one for a crazy guy who loves to eat a lot, loves to play and watch basketball, is an avid PC gamer, a guy who loves movies, anime and manga, a self-confessed bibliophile and autodidact and is a hopeless romantic who generally gets a kick out of alienating the general populace while trying to be everybody’s friend, that would be him.

You can get a glimpse of his greatness by viewing his profiles on Friendster, Facebook and Multiply.

Kevin is now eating a cute little bunny.

Kevin is now eating a cute little bunny.


20 Responses to “About Kevin”

  1. “You can get a glimpse of his greatness by viewing his profiles on Friendster, Facebook and Multiply.”
    I like this line alot! Keep it up!

  2. Thanks! 🙂

  3. I thought I was reading a Friendster-generated introduction! Haha! Great job!

  4. Hi Kevin.. Thanks for your comment on my post. Your blog is wonderful and has a lot of potential. I will gladly teach you how to make money from your writing skills. Send me a message anytime you’re ready..:)

  5. Jygs! This is a Friendster-generated introduction hahaha

  6. Jygs I remember eating this cute little bunny in your font yard hahaha

  7. Bwahahahah… Yeah. That was at my old boarding house! I miss the rabbits! Wow, nana moolah offer Kevs o! Mayau bitaw jud ka muwrite Kevin! Go dayun!

  8. Cant make moolah yet.. WordPress wont allow google adsense or payperpost and moolah stuff.. *sigh*

  9. how bout I outsource my assignments to you.. hapit na join si michelle (your bebe) sa akong team of writers.. saman? interested in $1-2 per article?

  10. grabe ka aaaaaaaaa

  11. mag nlog pud ko kev

  12. hahaha unsa url imo blog?

  13. thanks for the invite. i’ll add you to my list.

  14. already added ur link. u’r from iit as well?

  15. i figured…what was ur course?

  16. Oooh. You really really write well. Geez. Hello all iliganons and fellow IITians, Alumni and current students alike!!! 😀

  17. hehe. well i used to walk around the campus a lot. x_x keep in touch. by the way, support the IIT debate team…watch ANC Frankahan this Wednesday..they’ll be up against ADMU…. 😀

  18. i see…lol on the “n, lack of” by the way.. hehe…

  19. hey! will link you soon thanks!

  20. Kevin! It is me again, just stopping by to read some of your interesting posts 🙂

    as usual, funny and brilliantly written posts

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