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Sunday, December 1, 2013 at 4:35am

The IITian Insider I see that your perception of what is right and what is wrong is fundamentally warped. You started with an apology, which would have been commendable had it ended there. You admit that the insinuations you were throwing around regarding the Psychology Department Chairman are in fact second hand info, which you neither verified nor doubted, and passed it as truth. In your previous posts and comments you were adamant that you spoke the truth, and yet here you are recanting your story, giving an apology, and thereby admitting the errors and blunders you have committed.

It seems you do not understand the gravity of your actions, and have never given a sliver of thought to the possible repercussions at all. Maybe you live in a sheltered life where the threatening of people, the slandering of the innocent, and the blatant trampling of a people’s dignity is normal and acceptable, and when the dust settles and everything is sorted out and you were proven wrong, you say “sorry” and go scot free.

The world does not run that way. If yours do, then adapt to reality. The world does not run on your rules, you do not merely destroy people’s lives and their good name purely for your benefit. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. You said it, but realize it also applies to you.

You started off apologetic but then swerved the other way for the rest of your post, much like how you were so sure the Chairman was guilty but later took back your words. You are aghast that the NBI is investigating you, deeming that what you did was merely nothing, and having the NBI in the picture is a gross overreaction. It is not. You severely miscalculated the seriousness of your actions. Not only have you made false accusations (which you admit), you as admins of the page have a responsibility for the material posted in it. Not only did you let the hate messages and the bashing go unchecked, you goaded them on, adding fuel to the fire, burying the truth in an avalanche of lies.

“But since you have the NBI against us including those who started all of this, I am now laying my foot down. It is quite bold of you to have done such and to point your finger on the wrong people especially to that one person who will remain unnamed.”

You are laying your foot down? I agree that you are good with that, the way you step on, stomp, and trample on other people’s character. And it is quite bold of you to think that you are in no way accountable in any way. See the paragraph I wrote above if you are confused. It is ironic of how you talk of people pointing fingers at you, when pointing fingers and blame at others is apparently what you enjoy so much. I feel that you have a sense of entitlement, that you are free to dish out libel and defamation freely and without remorse, and yet feel you ought to be protected from punishment. Again, the world does not run on your rules. Your petulance and your idea of justice is alarming, to say the least.

“You are not the first one to have been “cyber-bullied” under the cloak of anonymity via this page. But your reaction was rather alarming and way over the line compared to the others. I’m sorry if we have tarnished your sterling reputation, but these people are crying over us for help.”

Your logic here goes like this: It is not acceptable that you commit a crime against someone and be punished for it, when you committed the very same crimes against other people without any consequences. That thinking is idiotic. Perhaps you were emboldened by the lack of action of the people you cyber-bullied under the cloak of anonymity. Now that the person you bullied did not shrink away but took the appropriate action, you scream injustice. You scream of disproportionate response. There is no injustice done to you nor is there a disproportionate response. You’re right in saying you are sorry for tarnishing someone’s reputation, but don’t expect to walk away with a simple apology.

You must change the way of how you see things. I would suggest that you try to act online the way you act in real life. If you do not go around walking and pointing blame and accusations at people in their face, don’t do it online unless you have incontrovertible proof, which you do not have. You accepted a second hand story and passed it as fact, and reveled in how people believed the lies.

Remember, for honorable and upright people, one’s character is more important than money, possessions, careers and sometimes life itself. How would you feel if you live a life of respect and dignity, only to have someone throw detestable allegations? And if you are merely acting like a conduit for the “oppressed”, if you act as the mouth of the “people crying to you for help”, then you should verify and see if the allegations have a grain of truth. Do not pass it off as truth and then recant it and express outrage at the fact that charges may be filed against you.

Be responsible. Though I feel you will be once this debacle is over, unless you are hopelessly incorrigible.


~ by Kevin on January 8, 2014.

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