An Open Letter Against Indecency

Friday, November 29, 2013 at 3:47pm

It is about time that people should be more aware of the responsibilities they have when posting things online. Harassment and bullying of people under the cloak of anonymity and the brazen trampling of human dignity by keyboard warriors is something that should never be condoned, much less rewarded.

Students should be more tactful and mindful of what they are putting on the web (as well as through text messages and verbal communication for that) as your digital footprints will haunt you the rest of your lives. You may be young, a bit immature, unexposed to the real world (wait till you start employment – you’ll find that the beautiful microcosm of life you live in is actually just a ripple in a vast stretch of ocean), and perceive your power in expressing yourselves to society.

Be mindful however that though you are granted the right to express your opinions on things, be aware that there is a fine line between the voicing of opinions and the harassment and bullying of people by doling out false insinuations and untrue accusations.

This post is not about stamping out the voices of the people and oppression of your message. This is not about condoning Big Brother that everyone must be cautious in what they have to say. This is about responsible communication. This is about condemning online and real life bullying. This is about preventing the abhorrent assassination of character of the just and the good.

You must understand that the internet medium, as well as SMS and the like, are not merely your playground where you can fool around and destroy lives by propagating falsehoods hoping many would believe. There are repercussions in using these for inappropriate and downright evil means, and now would be a good time for everyone to understand that we should all act properly and respectfully, be it in person or in your online persona.

Be responsible. Grow up.


~ by Kevin on January 8, 2014.

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