Unemployment Blues

Unemployment – it’s the stuff of nightmares, the harbinger of empty wallets and doomed bank accounts. Like an evil plague that afflicts people out of nowhere, it rears its ugly head to take away the promise of tomorrow. I myself am no stranger to this  forlorn state, as I’m sure most others certainly aren’t.

The endless lines at local job fairs seemingly attest to this (It sounds crazy  but I’ve attended a JobsDB job fair at the mall where the line stretched the entire length from one end all the way to the other, and then looped back to where it started.

This unbroken chain is daunting enough to ward off latecomers but what takes the cake is that the line was made up of about five people abreast and the mall is about a mile long. Troops of security personnel more or less managed to control the flow of traffic. Needless to say the hideous line scared the hell out of me and  off I went to enjoy my DVDs in bed).

Being a useless derelict when one should a  productive member of society is a crime I’ve been guilty of for quite some time. Instead of contributing and making life better for me at the same time, so far I’ve been contributing to my own malaise and seeming personal demise. Nobody’s getting any younger, and the thought of starting work a year late is monstrously disturbing. That’s a year of lost salary and savings. It feels like you’ve crashed even before you managed to take off. Unemployment really is a scary thing.

But it’s not that I couldn’t get any job no matter how hard  I tried. I’m sort of a prima donna myself, and blue collar jobs are out of the question. Of the white collar ones, call centers (the companies themselves adamantly refer to themselves as contact centers – but I’m sure it’s just a needless euphemism) aren’t an option too. My personality can’t seem to take verbal abuse from customers who are not necessarily better than I am (they never are), and shifting schedules and the thought of fifty to a hundred calls a day solving technical stuff didn’t appeal to me at all, and I was gone after some months.

After that fateful call center debacle, things took a sour turn. The global recession promptly came, jobs soon disappeared, and my unemployment blues came full swing. I took the exams and interviews I could lay my hands on, but it usually ended with the HR telling me – yes, I passed but they don’t have any suitable openings in the positions I seemingly was a shoo-in for so they’ll  place my resume in the open pool and I would be called in a few months if any vacancy popped up (they never called).

And of the jobs that I do manage to land, being shipped off to a faraway place with lots of pollution, tons of traffic congestion, and absurdly high costs of living (sorry Manila) is deterrent enough for me to say no three times (I declined the job professionally of course).

So here I am, endlessly pressured to get my lazy ass a job. I feel I ought to stop acting as if company HRs are salivating at the thought of me working for their company and just grab the next thing that comes my way. A lesson learned the hard way.



~ by Kevin on March 17, 2009.

10 Responses to “Unemployment Blues”

  1. Hi Kevin first of I would like to say thanks for visiting my blog and for wanting to be included in my list. It would also be my pleasure to add you. I know about unemployment blues because I have been in this state for the longest time. I’ve worked in a call center too but I barely got out alive hheheh. Being abused on the phone is not my idea of spending my day. I’m starting this blog thing because people say you can earn hence here I am trying a go at it.So just remember to smile.take care

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  7. Thank you so much guys! I really appreciate it. I’ve posted your links already. And if youre wondering why I dont have a chatbox, its because wordpress wont let me have one 😦 They only have Meebo, which I personally find annoying haha

  8. Hi Kevs! Hope you find a new job soon. God bless on your job hunting! See yah around. 🙂

  9. Hi Lan! hehe lage I really hope I can work soon. Miss my salary haha

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