Dumb Dumber and Stupidness

I can not understand why people are getting dumber and dumber. The technological advances and omnipresent media (TV, Internet, newspapers – does anybody still read the paper?) hardly promote a stupid and dumb culture. Awareness and intelligence are supposed to be fostered and stupidity and ignorance should have been wiped out, or if not then at least toned down. Alas, the Philippines (and the world) seems to think otherwise. Such a sad thing.  Below are three examples of mind-numbing horrors that I came across when surfing for five minutes. Yes, I found 3 stupid things in just 5 minutes. And that’s after checking Gmail, Friendster, Facebook and WordPress. The world is going to the dumps.

Illiteracy (ˌ)i(l)-ˈli-t(ə-)rə-sē inability to read or write.

You may think this is as rare as  sauteed flying pig with  a mushroom side dish. Think again. Click Here to read a true story of one man’s encounter with illiterate creatures. That man is a friend of mine who’s going to be a doctor sometime soon – but we’re giving a disclaimer here, we are not elitist or arrogant bastards of any sort. We just feel that anyone, especially people living in the city in full contact of everything, can at least read and write. That’s pretty simple isn’t it?

Stupidity stu̇ˈpi-də-tē, styu̇the quality or state of being stupid


Thanks to Failblog for this. Do Philippine newspapers still have editors? Or an editor-in-chief for that matter? How can you give an extremely stupid headline or article title  such as the one above? It’s completely opposite to what the author meant to say. And it made its way to the paper, printed on ink nonetheless, for all the world to see (and read, and mistakenly believe – at least for the dimmer ones). I hope this isn’t a sneak peek for the future of Philippine journalism.

Stupidness (I am not making this up.  I swear the word exists.)

Function – noun: the quality or state of lacking intelligence or quickness of mind

Plain stupidness you stupid Jihad-loving asshole. Can't spell Jews, but sure good at hating them. Death to all Jihadist Muslims.

Plain stupidness you stupid Jihad-loving asshole. Can't spell Jews, but sure good at hating them. Death to all Jihadist Muslims.


~ by Kevin on February 12, 2009.

2 Responses to “Dumb Dumber and Stupidness”

  1. hey Kevin, care to link up our blogs? I only got 2 in my blogroll and was wondering if I could be part of your blogroll too. 😀

    Faith Marie

  2. Haha sure! My pleasure 🙂

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