The Lowlifes of the World

I thought the plural of lowlife was lowlives, but it sounded really awkward,  and I have to thank the spell check feature for getting things right (blogging recently made me so bad at spelling  that I had to resort to the spell check or even Merriam-Webster for the correct spelling of words that even a grade school kid could easily write). When I didn’t see any red underline on lowlifes, I knew I was good to go. Anyway, I was attempting to make the introduction a bit light hearted because contrary to what  I appear to be, I am feeling really murderous inside. After reading about events that made my blood boil, I’m ready to shoot laser beams from my eyes and burn the heartless bastards of the world to kingdom come. Two lowlifes really drew my irk (and caused me – along with thousands of other bloggers to fire up the blogosphere).

The first lowlife is the lower of the two (even lower than fly maggots and just a bit higher than pig shit). A power hungry corrupt government official who preyed on the people, and no doubt very infamous, since his dark deeds have been shown for all the world to see (and criticize) thanks to a very meaningful blog post and very good media coverage. The second one is still a John Doe (at least to me) but is said to be a local attorney in my place (Iligan  City) who thinks he is above the law. These are the evil lying bastards the world would be better without.


~ by Kevin on January 22, 2009.

One Response to “The Lowlifes of the World”

  1. hey kev, how i wish i could have written a nice long comment and since i couldnt do that (thanks to the IT personnel in the office blocking wordpress), I just want to let you know that ur blog is an interesting read.

    hope we could exchange links

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