The Horrors of COMELEC

The Commission on Elections, also known as COMELEC, is one of the three constitutional commissions of the Philippines . It is the premier guardian of the ballot. Its principal role is to enforce all laws and regulations relative to the conduct of elections , initiatives, referendums, and recalls. It is also one of the most corrupt organizations in the world. I am not exaggerating that. Virtually any Filipino can give a story on how COMELEC committed outrageously blatant and transparent machinations that leave the taxpayers of the nation fuming and murderous. Here are some examples of corruption: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] but these are only the tip of the proverbial iceberg. If we would list all the dubious actions COMELEC took over the years the list would probably reach into the low thousands. It merely serves as a mirror, reflecting on the sorry state that this country is wallowing in, with no decent future in sight. The Philippines has just replaced Indonesia as the most corrupt nation of all (and that in itself is astounding, since in Indonesia, they say that there are no under-the-table shady deals because there are no tables – meaning that corruption is not an exception to them but a way of life). Now we Filipinos are the kings of the world when it comes to corruption, and COMELEC is the premiere poster child.

Case in point, I’ve been trying to get my COMELEC ID, one of five legal IDs one can possess, along with SSS ID, driver’s license, PRC ID, and postal ID. I applied for my ID way back in 2004. That’s right 2004 – as in almost five years ago. Today I waltzed in the COMELEC office to claim my ID, by which I was confronted by a government official who proceeded to inform me, incredulously – that my ID was not yet ready. I fumed but kept my cool. Here’s how it went:

“You mean you still don’t have my ID?”

“No sir, it’s still not ready.”

“I applied for that ID four years ago and it’s still not ready?”

“I’m really sorry sir but its still in Manila and we don’t know when they will send it.”

“You dont even know when I can get it? What if it comes five years from now?”

” We really have no idea sir, the latest IDs that we have given out are those from 2003.”

“You mean your IDs are six years late?!”

“Uhhhm – because they are really busy sir, and uhhhm-“

At this point I had seemingly lost my sanity, and it resulted in me stomping out of the office wondering what the hell is going on with the world. Come to think of it, the elections are usually every three years, and in those three years in between when COMELEC employees are doing nothing, they can’t even make the damn IDs? I was pondering on their degree of incompetence and stupidity, until I remembered that this is the same organization that spent tens of billions of Philippine pesos for automated voting machines that ultimately didnt work. Tens of billions of Phps down the drain (and corrupt politicians’ deep pockets). Welcome to the Philippines.


~ by Kevin on January 19, 2009.

4 Responses to “The Horrors of COMELEC”

  1. oh..i got mine about a month ago..i was surprised when they asked for a 5-peso payment for the thing… i thought it’s going to be given away for free. XD

    uhhmm. here’s another cool thing about the elections.. My late grandfather’s name is still on the list of eligible voters! That’s super cool, isn’t it? and guess what? My grandfather died about six years ago already. 🙂

  2. So yeah. Let me do the math. If I plan to get an ID this year, then I will be able to claim my ID by 2014. Five years to process and ID. That sounds forgivable given that this is the same government that seats thousands of corrupt officials.

  3. haha today I went to SSS to apply for an ID. The guard told me that: “Sir, guba raba ang id system namo. mga six months nani pero wala pa naayo”. I asked when it will be fixed so I can get my ID. “ambot lang sir wala jud mi kabalo ana”. Oh my God.

  4. uhhmm. here’s another cool thing about the elections.. My late grandfather’s name is still on the list of eligible voters! That’s super cool, isn’t it? and guess what? My grandfather died about six years ago already. 🙂

    read RA 8189. seems u don’t know the law…. blame it on the LCR for not submitting the list to us…

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