A Sunny Disposition

About two years ago, one marvelously cool and exciting guy posted an entry on his equally cool and exciting blog about the really cool and exciting weather after a particularly nasty case of the Dog Days of February. You see, this guy was bored after the rain refused to stop falling down, no matter how the guy pleaded with it to stop. The guy then fervently prayed to God for the rain rain to go away and to come again another damn day (preferably five years away), but of course as expected nothing happened, until something happened some time later when it didn’t matter anymore.

Now, almost two years later the same thing happened. It rained and rained and flooded and rained again for the better part of a month. The guy prayed again (funny how much he prays when it rains) and after he was about to give up on the praying, the sun took pity on him and came out again. The guy was ecstatic now that the sun’s back since he can wash his laundry in peace. Praise the Sun! Sol Invictus!

I missed you so much

I really missed you


~ by Kevin on January 18, 2009.

3 Responses to “A Sunny Disposition”

  1. Ahhahah! Good for you! The rain already started pouring here in Mactan. It’s our turn for rain rain go away. 😦

  2. Hahahaha fle! funny thing is, I’ll be in Cebu probably next week. I hope it won’t rain by then.

  3. hahayz.. the sun did came out, finally.. i missed it too.. :0

    funny how we forget its importance on our day-to-day life yet seeks for it when we need it.. human nature.. 😀

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