Flooding Cats and Dogs

CAGAYAN DE ORO, Philippines (AFP) – About 5,000 families in the southern Philippines have been displaced by flash floods and large waves spawned by heavy rains, officials said Saturday.

Over a hundred houses have been destroyed and many people are fleeing their homes in the face of rising waters in the northern part of the southern island of Mindanao, civil defence officials said.

Regional civil defence director Carmelito Lupo said that most of those whose homes were destroyed were from Cagayan de Oro city but officials were still trying to get information on the situation in the surrounding areas.

Local officials in Cagayan de Oro said that over 2,000 families had to be evacuated to basketball courts due to rising waters on river banks.

Evacuations were also under way in nearby Ginoog City and other areas where flash floods have been reported, said provincial officials.

Local officials said two children, aged one and two, were narrowly rescued from the floods but no casualties had been reported yet.

I recently read the AFP report above and I have to shudder at the suffering wrought by the ceaseless rains (I saw on TV that there was already a casualty, poor soul) . I live only an hour’s drive from Cagayan de Oro City (if you drive really fast) and the torrents that caused massive flooding over there are gracing (or damning) us here in Iligan City too. I feel mild anxiety every time it drizzles, the pounding of the drizzles on the roof seems like hammers to me, and the cold creeps way beyond my skin. So imagine what I’m feeling now that the rain is continually (the news says the rain is intermittent – forget that, it’s almost continuous) coming down for the last four days. Leaking roofs and muddy walkways are the least of my problems though, but I really symphatize with the poor folks in Cagayan de Oro, who are in really dire straits. I hope the rain lets up and the sun comes out. That way, we can smile again.

This sight never puts a smile on anyone's mug

This sight never puts a smile on anyone's mug


~ by Kevin on January 13, 2009.

7 Responses to “Flooding Cats and Dogs”

  1. It’s no longer just Cagayan de Oro. Communities in Iligan that are standing beside rivers are being evacuated as of now. The water level is still rising…

  2. When will the rain ever end…

  3. just got back from my trip to medina, misamis oriental and gingoog.. few bridges are partly destroyed and heavy vehicles were not allowed to pass for fear the bridge would collapse..

  4. by the way, thanks for visiting my site.. 🙂

  5. halo! grabeh diay ang baha sa CDo! Anyway, bf ka ni michelle noH? hehehek… tanx or linking me.. i’ll link you back after this.

  6. yup yup Im the mysterious BF haha. thanks for the link! 🙂

  7. cdo is still covered with rainy clouds the whole day, thank God it didn’t pour.

    i’ll link u after this post.. 🙂

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