The Pleasure of My Company

The Pleasure of My Company is a novel by Steve Martin, first published in 2003, which tells the story of the life of an obsessive compulsive and introverted young man named Daniel Cambridge. The novel revolves around Daniel, his obsessions, and his interactions with the world around his home in Santa Monica, California.

Steve Martin's a genius

Steve Martin's a genius

This is one of my favorite books of all time. I didn’t even know Steve Martin wrote books, until I happened to come across this little book at Booksale about a year ago. Surprised is too shallow a word to describe what I felt back then, shocked would be more appropriate. Imagine buying such a masterpiece (hardback edition at that) for only Php44 (about $1) in pristine condition, and upon reading it you find that it blows your mind away. I utterly fell in love with the book and consequently, I fell in love with Steve Martin (please, do not insert gay joke).

I really laughed my heart out, partly to the comedy, partly to his genius (Steve probably is a Mensa member), and partly at how Daniel Pecan Cambridge, the protagonist, views life (how he sees things and how his mind runs and how he processes things – which I admit, are almost exactly how I view life and do things). It’s all the more scary that Daniel is an obsessive compulsive, definitely mildly psychotic, and regularly sees a shrink , the lovely psychologist Clarissa. In Daniel’s own words – he’s only a “little” crazy.

I hope that our similarities don’t mean I’m OC, mildly psychotic and a little crazy. Okay, maybe I can accept it if I’m only a little crazy – providing that I get to keep my own genius mind. Now, where’s that shrink?


~ by Kevin on January 10, 2009.

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