Israel: The Hope

The Israel – Gaza Conflict continues this very moment, and nothing could be as hotly debated. People are as fragmented and divided on their opinions in this issue. Though this is a matter of international policy and politics, everyone has to have his own say.

If I were to state my views on this matter in its entirety, I’d get carpal tunnel syndrome way before I would even get halfway. Pouring out my devotion and outright support for the side which I see as most reasonably correct and justified, I’d really give you a piece of my mind.

So people will know exactly where I stand

So people will know exactly where I stand

People will eventually stumble onto this post, and I would assume some of them (the really delusional ones) would ultimately come to a head with my stand. Believe all you want and fight all you want, in my eyes, you are dead wrong. You are akin to terrorists and their misbegotten ilk.

And for those who crave fairness in views after my clearly partisan posture, you can follow the conflict and learn its subtleties on this very thorough Wikipedia article.

Long live Israel.


~ by Kevin on January 10, 2009.

2 Responses to “Israel: The Hope”

  1. 8 years of suffering from Hamas strike even though they were under a peace treaty is justification enough for retaliation. It is to Israel’s credit that she only struck once the cease fire expired…

  2. Exactly! If if it were up to me, I’d carpet nuke them (damn Hamas) to oblivion. Too bad I don’t get to make world changing decisions hahaha

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