The Holy Bible

Read the fine print

Read the fine print

But if for some reason you can’t read the fine print, or if you’re dyslexic or you have beer in your eyes, just click on the holy thing above to better read the very good disclaimer attached to it. And I am not an atheist, just a normal God-fearing person with a whole lot of common sense.


~ by Kevin on January 9, 2009.

2 Responses to “The Holy Bible”

  1. Kevs, didn’t know you blogged ever since 2005. 😉 About the Bible, yeah I have one to and it was just given to me as a gift last year. I have to open it yet.

  2. Yup all the way back to 2005. I was using Friendster blogs then, which really sucks hahaha. I’ve recently imported my blog to WordPress (the best!). I had to delete my previous blogposts which were really stupid haha. From 60 posts down to 20 hahaha

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