The War Machine

The Pacquiao War Machine is running full speed. And Dangerous David Diaz got dangerously close to extinction. Give Diaz credit though, for not only trying to overcome the inevitable onslaught but genuinely trying to win the whole thing. He was just over matched and overpowered and by the end of the fight he looked like he was on the wrong end of a knife-fight. Cuts and bruises all over, face bloodied beyond recognition. Let’s just say Manny’s found his ideal weight class, where his speed and power come into full effect.

But the best part of the night (day here in the Philippines) was in the locker room afterward, where my idol Manny was joined by *gasp* my other idol, Kevin Garnett, together with the rest of the Boston Celtics. The great competitors next to each other in that small room made me asphyxiate, even more than Manny’s power punches to Diaz ever could. Yet there they were, with Pierce, Allen and the other Boston guys.

That is just so cool. Lucky Pacquiao, rubbing his shoulders with Garnett. I only got to touch Manny’s shoulders when he was passing by during a tour. I could have tackled him and bear hugged him for an autograph but I’m sure I’ll get killed for that. No way I can touch Garnett though. Best part yet was when everyone, from Garnett to the guy wiping the locker room floor shouting “Manny, Manny Manny”. That just freaking made my day.


~ by Kevin on July 2, 2008.

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