The Big Fakers

Losing in the most spectacular fashion. Getting killed on defense. Getting too arrogant for their own good. That’s what the Lakers are – arrogant. Even their fans are so damn arrogant (but rich anyway). Some dense guys actually bet on the Purple and Gold, and of course I had to capitalize.

Kobe Bryant is overrated. Sure, he may have been the season MVP. But good team defense wins games, not Jordan wannabe types. The only categories where Kobe is MVP material are: whining to the refs, looking disgusted and of course, raping women. Not even close on the last one . One hell of a talented player, but a very ugly and arrogant personality.

Kobe haters rejoice

Kobe haters rejoice

And Phil Jackson is one overrated coach. Red Auerbach was right on the money when he mentioned not to rank Jackson on his level. Jackson has his work cut out for him. When he arrives, every thing’s place, all he has to do is coach (even the worst coach can still steer those powerhouse Chicago and LA teams to the championship). Auerbach had to start from scratch. And look how he won, years in a row, and an unblemished Finals series record. Jackson? Let’s just say lost his last 2 Finals. Very good with juggernaut teams (with Jordan-Pippen and Shaq-Kobe). But when he has lesser talent and a suspect roster at hand, he is less than stellar. The horrible loss to the Pistons (only one win) and against the Celtics (two wins) shows that Jackson can only win with a good hand at poker. Average cards and he crumbles. Not your typical hall-of-famer coach eh?

And of course the rest of the Lakers team are softies. Lotsa European players. And we all know that they’re soft as cotton candy (Dirk Nowitzki, Andrea Bargnani, Arvydas Sabonis, Toni Kukoc). Even the names are soft (Sasha? Sounds like a little girl). And of course, Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom should play in the WNBA. Even there I’d suspect they’re still soft. Garnett ate Gasol and Odom alive. So much for your vaunted offense.


~ by Kevin on June 13, 2008.

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