Moving the Boxes

After half a year and tons of memories, I’m finally saying goodbye to my lovely room. Being stuck up in a place for so long generally gets the restless cycle in full gear but this time its somewhat different. I’m actually a bit sentimental, looking back on the days when I arrived at the tacky-looking boarding house (it wasn’t really that tacky, it just had a messy aura) and finding moving in a lot more arduous than I had previously anticipated. The room (that’s 404) was hot, messy, too bright, a little bit on the dusty side, but the roommates were really great, so I guess that settled things for me.

Six months, a million books, and an ECE license later, I found moving out really hard. I was teary-eyed when the guys moved out one by one (I’ll miss you guys, you’re the best in the world). Now I’m forced to move out myself due to some space constraints. So I’m now in room 202, and though it’s far cleaner and nicer than the one I was used to, it feels totally sterile.

The memories I had here were somewhat dwarfed by the enormous fun time I had in my messy old room.

When I was starting to move the stuff downstairs, I noticed my heart was as heavy as the boxes.

I miss that short time when the nursing guys stayed for a month (though I was acquainted with them within the last week or so). My oven room was the encoding center of the floor. Got to know some really nice people too (hello room 402 girls). But the best memories are always the ones that make parting a tad more serious and sad. *Sigh* How I miss my girl.. hey, though the place isn’t  the same, the comfort zone always will be.

New room and roomates. Hope this one’ll turn out just fine (crosses fingers).


~ by Kevin on December 1, 2007.

One Response to “Moving the Boxes”

  1. “it wasn’t really that tacky, it just had a messy aura”
    panget oi.. i-justify pajud.

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