The Samson Kryptonite

I liken myself to Samson (of Samson and Delilah fame) even though I have no bulging muscles nor brute strength. I have none of the rock hard physique and I don’t think I can kill lions with my bare hands (okay, maybe I can if I just try hard enough). I don’t even have Delilah. All I got is hair, and more hair. But as Samson’s story goes, long hair is doomed to be snipped in Delilah’s loving hands. Poor Samson, lost his super powers and his mojo just because some chick got scissor-happy. But on the upside, if a hot chick did it then that’s probably good enough. This Samson (that would be me) isn’t too lucky though. I lost the hair I’ve been painstakingly growing for the better part of eight months just on a whim. It was an impressively hot afternoon coupled with an equally impressive bad hair day (an everyday affair but today’s was really worse than usual) and I felt severely impulsive. And before I knew it, locks of my lovely hair lay on the barbershop floor whose chatty little barber kept me whining and yearning for a Delilah to at least do the honors.

In keeping up with my happy nature, I’ve kept track of the advantages I’m currently enjoying now that my hair’s a little too much on the short side. *Sigh* there goes the ponytail.

When I kept drinking I used to see the guy on the left in my mirror. Now I only see the guy on the right when I'm sober.

When I kept drinking I used to see the guy on the left in my mirror. Now I only see the guy on the right when I'm sober.

It’s not so hot anymore, I can actually feel the wind on my neck. I can see my nape again, and I discovered I have two moles somewhere in there. Now I don’t have to buy the headband I’ve been planning to wear and I no longer need the rubber bands that used to hold my ponytail. No need to borrow a comb (I don’t have one) after every shower. And no more checking the ponytail every ten minutes and appear vain. I now look younger, cleaner, neater and fresher (so the girls say). I keep disillusioning myself too.


~ by Kevin on September 3, 2007.

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