Goodbye Antoinette

As of 10:35 this morning, my highschool and college schoolmate Antoinette Marie Catambacan passed away.

It is such a sad part of life that we are reminded that we are inherently frail, that in our joyous parts of life we can be taken away anytime, leaving our family, friends and life behind to cope with the loss, and nothing could be as hurtful.

Its also very unfair how someone so young, who has everything before her, who has yet to choose her way of life could be taken away just like that. At 23,  it could be said that her life has just started, and she is definitely someone who could have lived it to the fullest.

I’m not really close with her, nor are we what people would call really good friends. I know her and she knows me, but we are definitely acquaintances, the way I know her friends and the way she knows mine, and aside from the occasional small talk and the recognition we give each other when occasionaly meeting.

But if the situations and environments were any different, I’m sure we could have been pretty good friends. Even as we were, I could truthfully and unblemishedly say she’s a really good person. And if people could harbor grudges against her or generally has a negative outlook on her life, I would really question their humanity.

She was such a good person. She was doing well with life. She has achieved quite more than most of the rest of us. But it all ended when a drunk driver barelled through the streets and ended her life. And we are left only with her memory, which makes us treasure her more, and we must put that memory in a place where it can never be sullied.

God bless your soul Tonet. May you rest in peace.


~ by Kevin on August 26, 2007.

5 Responses to “Goodbye Antoinette”

  1. hey! you mean the one from cba? the cute petite girl? what happened to her?

  2. dead on the spot? asa dapit part?

  3. Tonet, you will be missed and you will be in our memories forever.. See you in the crossroads my amiga..

  4. yeah rit thats her. traffic accident, she and her law classmate got hit by a tibanga liner jeepney. the driver was drunk. they were hit at night and were brought to sanitarium. they both died ther following morning.

  5. :[[[

    Im not close to her too, but her older sister is my batchmate and friend in highschool and college, my heart goes out to Ana :[ theres nothin as hurtful as losin a person so very close to you. Her sister was a sweet person. Not to mention very young.

    You will be missed Tonet ❤


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