Dog Days of February

There’s really something about February that bugs people. Usually its work, school stuff, sometimes even the weather. For corporate guys (lucky them), it usually means more work. For pro athletes (even luckier), February’s usually the month where the body aches so much along with the mental fatigue that players always get. Parents foresee the added expenses the kids would need (if a bunch of roses and a dinner date can be classified as such). Teachers usually see February as an opportunity to test the student’s sanity with hardcore exams. Out-of-school guys don’t give a damn, they’re probably the only bunch that are oblivious to change.

But for the poor plodding student, February gives off scary vibes. It reminds us of coming finals exams that come by the dozen (they usually overlap or conflict),  unmet project schedules (OMG, panic button!) and personal problems (the quintessential bugging girlfriend who reminds hubbies of valentines).

Here are the stuff about February that bugs the bejabbers out of me:

The damn weather! (It’s always damn raining. The mud! The mud!)
My stockpiled laundry. Damn rain won’t let me wash and dry them in peace.
Exams (I’m drowning in them! Literally! Equations oozing out of my ears)
Projects (Damn thesis. We’ll get you yet!)
Microsleep (No thanks to the two things above)
Field trips (I don’t have time for you, but I have to go anyway)
Money (I’m running dry with these mounting expenses, poor mom.)
Globe (Damn you Globe! Damn  UNLITXT!)

At least I don’t have a buggy girl who reminds me of valentines, the pressure would be too much then to bear hehe.. *Sigh* I wish I was selling flowers, that way February would get a whole new outlook. Unless of course, a cute chick would come my way *nudge nudge*


~ by Kevin on February 3, 2007.

7 Responses to “Dog Days of February”

  1. lol. i agree on the last line. enough said bro. lols

  2. that’s it? i labored for all that and that’s all you see? hehe

  3. awww shocks… u’ll get by. enjoy the exams while it lasts kev…ull miss them when u start working. damn work work work!!!

  4. haha im never gonna miss any damn exams hehe

  5. i mean im never gonna miss any damn exam.. gotta be careful or scott will get me hehe

  6. i hope u dont mind that i read ur blogs. (duh…blog gali. for the public. bugo pd ko.)

    wla.. lingaw lng mgbasa. lyk magngisi ko. mgagik-ik pd at tyms. so, ikaw akng iblame f mkaingon na ang mga tao dri sa net cafe na buang ko. haha! 😉


  7. haha no no its your fault! all yours hehe… hala ka matakdan naka sa ako kabuang hehe… ingat pud!

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