The Blogging Glutton

I have tons of stuff to do. Yet I never have enough time to do it. And no willpower whatsoever to start working. The easy solution: (insert drum roll)  blog. Blogging when one should be working should be a crime. That makes me one of the most wanted.  I should be writing chapter 3 of our special project documentation right now but I’m doing this worthless shit again. And later when the guys would play DotA I’m sure the thesis write-ups would take a backseat again. So here I am chilling and listening to Eraserheads, which reminds me of my childhood days (and also the fact that I’m already old). How the years can fly.

My ongoing problem with being a lard ass couch potato can be blamed on Alfred and Amabelle. I just ate my  usual scrumptious dinner in my favorite diner when I bumped into Am and later Fred, and being the gentleman that I am, I decided to accompany them both to  their own dinners (at Alfred’s expense). We went to Dimsum, where we ate like we’d be dead tomorrow. I don’t know how we managed to finish it off. It seemed like I’d burst from all that chow, gluttony is my second crime tonight. The food must have stuck my brain up, and now I feel extremely sleepy.

So I start working, and play a day’s worth of Eraserheads music. Eight pages into the thesis documentation and I’m hungry again. Go figure me out.


~ by Kevin on January 11, 2007.

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  1. “The food must have stuck my brain up, and now I feel extremely sleepy).”
    ei piggy! what have you eaten that day? maybe there were lotsa proteins of which it has tryptophan. tryptophan aides in making niacin. Hmmm about the niacin, it helps the body produce serotonin… serotonin plays role in rest and sleep mumui.. that is why….

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