Demise of a Tyrant

Saddam Hussein is dead. That’s what the Yahoo! page headlined when I surfed the web. I haven’t logged on in weeks and was way behind on current affairs since I don’t watch much TV nor do I read the papers. Imagine my euphoria when I laid eyes on that juicy piece of news.  After all, this was the guy who killed thousands (if not millions), invaded countries, blatantly defied the US (with certain hostility complete with terrorist  tendencies), and had an ugly mustache.

Genocide smells really rotten, just like Saddam does, and I was stunned and happy and confused at the same time when I heard of the death of the famous tyrant who was caught hiding like a damn rat in a measly hole in the ground without a shred of dignity. But I recently found out what led to an execution most people never thought would be carried out. Apparently, his devout followers found out about his hobbies, and devout anti-Americans as they were,  they were reasonably aghast. Here’s the incriminating photo that sent Saddam to the gallows:

And they say Elvis is dead

And they say Elvis is dead


~ by Kevin on December 30, 2006.

4 Responses to “Demise of a Tyrant”

  1. hail saddam. hes a man of honor and principle! he died with what he believed!

  2. i guess you could say the same to all the terrorist suicide bombers who blew themselves (along with innocent people) to bits. they died for what they believed in, no matter how disillusioned and sick those beliefs are. that makes saddam no better than a pig. at least pigs taste good when you cook them hehe

  3. nah! whose beliefs are right anyways?! yeah like those suicide bombers, though with disillusioned and sick beliefs they have, they died at any cost, even human deaths because again of what they believed. i think there are only few people who could do that. standing up to their principle until their death. bush did it more of vengeance than that of justice. hes the pig i should say, sadam cant be kay bawal sa ila ang pig! and bush could be much more deliciously cooked if he can do the same thing to kim.

  4. no beliefs are right. all people are disillusioned. but id rather side with bush than saddam and the suicide bombers. you probably know why. but im not telling what it is. dont want no trouble haha

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