The Boring Life

A few hours ago it was my college’s Christmas party and all the guys were really pigging out on food. I guess that’s to be expected (guys will be pigs guys).

Right now I’m in the laboratory (supposedly to work) and loud music’s streaming in from the party right outside the building. But strangely enough, I’m not into the party mood .

Probably because I ate enough food to feed a starving African village. But I checked the party out anyway, and saw some really cute nursing students grinding around in the spotlight. And grinding along with them was Jedd, who happens to have a sixth sense on activities that include cute girls. There he was grinding with Trisha with a sly smirk on his ugly mug (how lucky can that bastard get).

But finally my lethargic brain just decided to haul my ass back in for another boring night of facing my beloved computer and working the night away. Now that is really sick, wasting time surfing the same boring sites (and occasionally doing some work) when there’s a party right outside.

I am finally convinced that there really is indeed something wrong with me. I ought to get a life. So if anybody wants casual sex, you can try me!

I was just kidding there. But then again.. *evil grin*


~ by Kevin on December 15, 2006.

2 Responses to “The Boring Life”

  1. HEY! nice post.. hehe anyway, please join .:BadAss Ding-HeadS:. it’s a friendster group for smart/good looking COE guys.. hehe.. click the link at my profile.. spread it around.. invite others too 🙂 make a post about it so others will know.. thanks bro!

  2. bro! no prob!

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