Never Again

Everyone’s had a little too much to drink at least once. The kind of drinking that would make the hardest, baddest kick-ass drinker say never again  (in a really slurry tone while wiping traces of vomit from his lips) and would make him seriously contemplate giving up drinking for the rest of his cirrhotic life.

I think I’ve been in that abysmal state four times already. Just goes to show my knack of bouncing back (fall down seven times, stand up eight, Dwyane Wade style). The heaviest and worst I ever had was just before New Year of 2004 when I was drinking with my high school buddies. Bouchard and Emperador and Tanduay really made me say those dreaded never agains. But the most recent was just a few weeks ago, when some of those same high school buddies just became licensed engineers. They passed the ECE board exam and of course ritual celebratory drinking is a must to grace such monumental events. Off we went to Gino’s place. Out came the Tanduay 15 Years, the 5 Years, and of course, the ubiquitous Red Horse.

I vaguely remember I was singing my heart out with the karaoke. The ice was really cold that night. The drinks went down my throat with the same gentle smoothness that the bile would go up the following day. I probably puked a week’s worth. Worse, when on the public transport (jeep) on the way home, I just got this retching sensation and hurriedly went down the nearest stop, which was smack in front of the gate of an elementary school. Little kids got their firsthand experience of one badly wasted adult. Poor disillusioned tykes.

I drew glares from passengers from another jeep that stopped nearby. A lady hurriedly leaped to the other side of the sidewalk like I could give her AIDS just by touching her, which was really exaggerated since all I was doing was wiping some vomit dribbling from the side of my mouth while suppressing the retching  hiccups. That was really a day to remember. I really swore off drinking that time. Until I got sober, of course.

Never *blooooaaargh* again!

Never *blooooaaargh* again!


~ by Kevin on December 6, 2006.

2 Responses to “Never Again”

  1. wahahaha ulawa oi!!! pasko na bai, “never again” again hehehe

  2. sige! no probs! hope the never agains this time will be more pleasant than the last hehe

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