A Fatherly Belief

Jesus is a father, literally… (These are all stuff that I stole from a book – verbatim, I could be sued for this.)

For those who have an inkling of belief in this, we know that this thought, in many respects is inimical to certain basic tenets of modern Christianity – thoughts that are heretical, perhaps even blasphemous. From the standpoint of certain established dogma we are no doubt guilty of such transgressions. But we do not believe that we have desecrated, or even diminished, Jesus in the eyes of those who genuinely believe in him. And while we ourselves cannot subscribe to Jesus’ divinity, our beliefs cannot preclude others from doing so. Quite simply there is no reason why Jesus could not have married and fathered children while still retaining his divinity. There is no reason whatever why his divinity should be dependent on sexual chastity. Even if he weere the Son of God, there is no reason why he could not have wed and sired a family.

Underlying most Christian theology is the assumption that Jesus is God incarnate. In other words, God, taking pity in His creation, incarnated Himself in that creation and assumed human form. By doing so He would be able to acquaint Himself at first hand, so to speak, with human condition. He would experience at first hand the vicissitudes of human existence. He would come to understand, in the most profound sense, what it means to be a man – to confront from a human standpoint the loneliness, the anguish, the helplessness, the tragic mortality that the status of manhood entails. By dint of becoming man, God would come to know man in a way that the Old Testament does not allow. Renouncing his Olympian aloofness and remoteness, He would partake directly of man’s lot.By doing do he would redeem man’s lot – would validate and justify it by partaking of it, suffering from it, and eventually being sacrificed by it.

The symbolic significance of Jesus is that he is God exposed to the spectrum of human existence – exposed to the first-hand knowledge of what being a man entails. But could God, incarnate as Jesus, truly claim to be a man, to encompass the spectrum of human experience, without coming to know two of the most basic, most elemental facets of the human condition? Could God claim to know the totality of human existence without confronting two such essential aspects of humanity as sexuality and paternity?

On the whole, we do not think we have compromised or belittled Jesus. We do not think he has suffered due to our thoughts. In fact, from our belief emerges a living and plausible Jesus – a Jesus whose life is both meaningful and comprehensible to modern man.


~ by Kevin on May 11, 2005.

8 Responses to “A Fatherly Belief”

  1. Hmm…

    No. You’ve been reading too much conspiracy theory books, Kev. And I know you got those ideas from Holy BLood Holy Grail and the Da Vinci Code.

    BUT the so called facts of that book are actually part of the fiction of what their novels truly are.

    Contrary to what those novels claim and question (remember Teabing?), it was not unJewish for Jesus to remain single at all. In those times nga, there were the Essenes, who were people who vowed to remain single for God, and they were respected by the people. And if you look at passages in the Bible, you will never find a statement common in Jewish writing linking Magdalene with Jesus aside from her being an apostle.

    The concept of Magdalene as the Holy Grail, acc to Medieval Historian Sarah Newman, was a twentieth century version of the legend.

    The authentic grail legend was about a warrior named Percival, part of a Celtic legend.

    And there were also discrepancies with Brown’s description of the meanings of Da Vinci’s artworks. Maraming mali don if based in art history.

    There’s another theological explanation about why GOd became Incarnate aside from him to experience human condition. For me to type it would take too long. Next time nalang.

    Sige, Kevs. INgat bai!

  2. patay.. nag comment diay si jay. heheh.. paminaw kevs

  3. haha i almost forgot about this blog. thanks to jay, for putting the first comment on the blog, though i didnt expect anyone to comment, and the months of haplessly checking if anyone really did kind of reinforced that. thanks jay..

    haha i got your point. and im sure you’re right. i have been reading too much conspiracy stuff. (www.carpenoctem.tv)

    but anyway, i really dont care if what i read are facts (the bible
    sure is not factual)… i just kind of gravitate towards the jesus-as-a-normal-guy-with-sexual-drives-and-all stuff.
    seems more logical to me than a chaste holy guy.
    (whats the point of being chaste anyway?)

    so you see, if devout Catholics believe in Jesus and God without question, without proof, and with ignorance, then i dont see why i cant believe in my own way..

    hehe too bad dan brown got to me first. *lol*

  4. ew! great! for a person as young as you to show how you feel bout jesus! the man many people looked up to as someone who is hardly stained with sin! late na au ako comment, karon pa ko kabasa imong blog…anyway! believe on what you believe after all no one has proven the existence of heaven or hell, nor god of heavens and all…moreover we are not sure of what’s ahead. one thing is for sure, we hold our destiny and our life, whatever we do with it is at our cost.

  5. p.s. your birthday falls on on a good friday! uhm, hope that would be good.

  6. hey kevs!

    reading this blog of yours, though i know it is somehow already late, i could not help but be reminded of such an idea from several other people i know. what you just said is one of the most common “theories” and “ideas” people put forward to somehow start a “discussion” to consider the idea that Jesus Christ, True GOd and True Man, was actually married and became a father.

    Well, assuming without conceding (of course, i never would assume, more so concede, with such an idea)for the sake of argument that jesus could have been a father, His divinity, his being God and Man, still would not be affected for that is the revealed truth in the Scripture (I disagree with you saying that the BIble is not factual…for if you try to actually read it, even just the Gospels, you would find people and events there that are supported by extrabiblical sources). But then again, Jesus did not choose to be married, or to be a father. It is as plain as that. Regarding your question on whether or not God, or Jesus, could know the “spectrum of human existence” without “coming to know two of the most basic, most elemental facets of the human condition such as sexuality and paternity”, I say YES!!! Actually, this line of argument is fallacious for it presumes that in order to be something, in order to understand something, you have to be that something, or you have to experience something that is experienced by a thing. to use some examples that may also be a bit fallacious, one does not need to be a computer to understand it; one does not need to be a mouse to understand how the mouse behaves functionally. a more relevant example would be that of a man who remains celibate. he does not need to be a father to understand what paternity and sexuality are, and what they entail, yet he remains fully a man. This argument aside, Jesus, being God Incarnate (not because he pitied his creations, but because he INFINITELY LOVE his greatest creation, the human) became man himself to die for them, keeping true to his words,”there’s no greater love than to give one’s life for a friend.” And, being God, he does not really need to be a father or to have sex in order to understand such things for him to experience fully what being a man is. In the first place,he created man AND ALL attributes of man, including sexuality and paternity. Besides, He is already the Father of all creations, if we want a direct way linking His fatherhood to something.

    On the whole, NOTHING can ever belittle or compromise Jesus/God and His Words, not any of our thoughts. I do not see why we have to have a married Jesus, a father Jesus, for him to be “living”,”plausible” or “comprehensible” to us when he is comprehensible enough as a man. What may confuse us may be his INFINITE WISDOM as true God. That’s why it is imperative that before we throw our faith away, even the most minute of faith if we still have any, we have to read up on things. we can start to read up on the Bible, then to Church history, then to philosophy, etc. Step out of the comfort zone of positive science, for it does not have answers to everything. It is only a small slice of the big pie of knowledge. It’s not even wisdom yet.

    Remember, the things that come from God do not contradict each other. Faith and Reason come from God. Truth comes from God. God is Truth. Jesus is the Truth. As Proverbs say, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.”


  7. peace dude!

    case closed


  8. Aaaaah I see my youth when I read this very first post I made. We were already debating the morality and implications of the Mary Magdalene-is Jesus’-wife story way before the Da Vinci Code became famous and years before the movie came along.

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